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     The congregation at Slusser's Chapel was started by Mrs. E.J. Slusser, her daughter Miss Anna Slusser, and Mrs. Frank A. Slusser about 1903.


     In the year 1900, W.B. Slusser donated some land in the Slusser Community for a church building. The timber was furnished by J.H. and J.P. Slusser; the logging was done by F.A. Slusser and the sawing by Daniel Hale.  The tabernacle, as it was then called, was hardly more than a shed and could only be used in the summer.  Several years later, the women of the community had the building sealed and stoves were installed to enable services to be held in the winter months.  The church was lit by kerosene lamps until 1927 when a Delco plant was installed and then in 1937 electric lights were installed by Appalachian Power Company.

     The first preaching service was held in 1903 by Miss Rachel Bailey.  Preaching services were held once a month by traveling ministers and evangelists.  Rev. J.W. Whitneck served as the first pastor who preached one weekend each month.  Ministers who also took part in these services were B.E. Warren, C.E. Orr, W.D. McCraw, and C.E. Brown.


     In the late thirties the church purchased a tract of land joining the church property.  In 1939 the parsonage was started and by 1940 a six-room parsonage had been completed and furnished.


In 1942, under the leadership of Rev. L. Gough, the men of the church dug the basement under the existing building, and built in five Sunday School rooms, installed the furnace, and built the vestibule. A little later the church was again remodeled.  Hardwood floors were laid and new pews were purchased in 1945.


     In June 1962, an addititional three acres of land was purchased from Mr. & Mrs. Ray Alls and Mrs. Leslie Alls. The land was first used for the Youth Lord's Acre project. Ground breaking for the new Educational Building was March 1, 1964. A 6,600 square foot building was built to be used for Sunday School and by the Mt. Tabor Nursery School and Day Care Center on the week days. The building was finally completed in September 1964.


     In 1980 a new building fund was started for the new sanctuary, under the direction of Pastor Jesse Woodward. The new sanctuary was completed in 1988 and a dedication service was held on Sunday, June 5, 1988 with former pastor, Forrest Shaffer, as the guest speaker.

Frank Slusser

New Facilities added in 1988

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