Dream On!


       August 19, 1871, Orville Wright was born. I’m sure

Mr. and Mrs. Wright never dreamed of how their boys

would change the course of history. But they did… and

it was all because they had a crazy dream of man flying

like the birds. Through the years, many had tried in some very unusual ways, usually involving homemade wings strapped to their backs. Those attempts ended in failure, often in disaster. So when Orville and Wilbur mentioned their desire to fly, their friends probably thought, Yeah right! Like that’ll ever happen! When their “flying contraption’ was finished I’m sure critics said It’ll never fly! But it did!... and the rest is history!


       Dreams…we all have them. It’s the core of every invention that has ever happened! Maybe you have a vision for your future, a career or calling. Maybe you have thought about stepping out on faith to do something for God.  And maybe you’ve shared your dream with others only to have it crushed with the words “It’ll never fly!”

But you can’t get discouraged and we shouldn’t give up. God wants us to think big for Him. Back in 1792, William Cary, a great missionary pioneer, said, “Expect great things from God; attempt great things for God” what a great philosophy of life!


       In these discouraging times we need dreams and we need dreamers; especially in the church! Keep your vision, trust God, and work hard to make it happen.

Pastor Beth