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 Death Doesn't Win

In the final hours of 2021, a wildfire near Boulder, Colorado,

destroyed 1,000 homes, including one belonging to Pastor

Bill Stephens. His family, out of town at the time, lost all

their possessions. After months of feeling buried in debris,

insurance paperwork and mourning, Stephens decided that

Easter 2022 would mark a fresh start.

During worship that morning, the pastor shared a photo of vibrant daffodils emerging on his charred property. Burned remnants were visible in the background, just as Easter’s backdrop includes the pain and death of Good Friday. But the empty tomb in Easter’s foreground means death won’t win, reminded Stephens. Even when earthly life “isn’t all daffodils,” we have hope and eternal life through Jesus.

Easter reveals that God will “give us the joy, and it’s going to be in the heart of pain that we go through as well,” added the pastor. “And that just makes me draw closer to God.”


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